The Best Leather Gun Belt: The 5 Models I Recommend

For the serious gun owner who wants to be prepared for any eventuality, it’s time to invest in the best leather gun belt. These are not only stylish but also durable and comfortable.


Leather belts are known for their durability and can take a lot of wear and tear without wearing out. They are perfect for carrying your handguns or other weapons during outdoor activities.

Why You Need a Gun Belt

There are three primary reasons you should have a leather belt: Armed Individual Defense (AID): You can’t always be safe in your house, apartment or place of work. Therefore, you need a way to protect yourself in case you ever need to escape.


Retreating Trapped Alone (RTS): You are afraid to retreat when in a defensive position in your home, apartment or place of work because of the crime there or whatever reason you might have. You need a way to retreat from it quickly and feel comfortable.


Freedom Hunting: Many law-abiding citizens believe they can go places, hunt for the animals, and kill them, with a firearm and magazine. This may seem like a good idea, but if the person you’re hunting also has a weapon, that’s when it gets tricky.

What to Look for in a Gun Belt

Look for a quality leather belt that is made from the best quality leather. The following list of 10 excellent leather belts is just a small sample of the wonderful products available for purchase online.


They all have a lifetime guarantee on their products. Most also offer free shipping and excellent customer service. You can’t go wrong. One of the most popular and essential belts on the market, the Redback Leather Belt, comes in a few different versions.


One of the most popular and essential belts on the market, the Redback Leather Belt, comes in a few different versions. For the casual gun owner who wants a compact belt that doesn’t include a holster or belt clip, the Johnson Leather Belt is a great option.

The 5 Best Gun Belts on the Market

In this article, I have tested and selected 5 of the best leather gun belts on the market. Each of the belts have won awards, so there is a good chance they are the best you can buy.


First up is the Beta Industries Gun Belt. It’s made from genuine, supple leather and has a magnetic closure. The belt has many other features, including a double grain hinge, copper rivets, a swivel buckle, and a loop for your keys. I’ve found it to be quite comfortable and that’s without it being customized.


To read more about it and to get your own Beta Industries Gun Belt, click here. Next up is the Isuzu Leather Gun Belt from Nomad Gear. As with the Beta Industries Gun Belt, it’s made from 100% genuine leather and has a metal clasp. It’s made from simple and clean lines and is relatively cheap.

Reviews of the 5 Best Gun Belts on the Market

The things to consider when choosing a leather belt are comfort, functionality and price. The last few models in this article are definitely well priced and as comfortable as you would expect from a quality piece of leather.


Whether you are looking for a backpack-style or buckle belt, here are 5 of the best leather gun belts out there: Levi’s Women’s Harness Belt This belt is made from soft full grain leather with an attached zipper pocket. The strap is adjustable and made of leather.


This belt is available in 4 different colors and comes with a leather case and a personal note from Levi’s. Levi’s makes their belts for a very good price so even if you don’t need this belt, you can give a gift to your favorite shooter for a fraction of the cost of a high-end gun belt.

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The Condor Tactical Belt

Condor-Tactical-Belt, best-leather-gun-belt

The Condor Tactical Belt (COB) from Calhoun Sporting Goods is one of the best gun belts you can find. The Condor is a relatively new belt that has been in production for only about a year.


It has a basic look to it, but the creators have made it comfortable and capable to wear for many years. My Calhoun Tactical Belt has a quick release buckles that allow the belt to be worn with sliders for just a touch of convenience. The buckle is secure and provides security for the handgun that’s carried in the belt.


In addition, the belt provides a comfortable padding for the pistol and enough space to comfortably fit a few accessories. A great feature is the adjustable Velcro strap.

The Galco King Leather Gun Belt


The King Gun Belt from Galco is the best gun belt for the serious firearm enthusiast. This belt is built like a tank to withstand any wear and tear and is comfortable enough to wear all day.


I am sure most of you know Galco brand leather gun belt so they do not need much introduction. It is relatively light but tough and packs a punch when you need it to. It comes in three different colors: Walnut, Maple and Black.


Pros Toughest design in a gun belt Compact design Versatile tool belt Durable, comfortable and stylish Cons Too much belt length Somewhat bulky Galco Men’s Buckle Gun Belt The Buckle Gun Belt from Galco is just as rugged and tough as the original King Gun Belt. It comes in two different color options: Saddle Brown and Black.

The Raven Concealment Systems Hipster 2.0


The Raven Concealment Systems Hipster 2.0 is an affordable hipster-style leather gun belt designed to fit your body. This is not just for day-to-day wear, but also for firearms and other weapons.


This belt is perfect for individuals who need a traditional look and also for those who are tired of the minimalistic look of the typical hipster belt. The belt comes with a traditional buckle for a better grip and also has a concealed compartment which makes carrying your pistol or firearm convenient.


The Hipster 2.0 is made from a combination of buttery soft leather with a polyurethane coating to help protect the holster against stains, dirt, and water. It is also available in three different colors which are light brown, sand red and olive green.

The Safariland Model 7477B-22D Belt


The first contender for the best leather gun belt is the Safariland Model 7477B-22D holster platform with holster belt attachment. This model offers a minimalistic look with a modern appearance.


It is made of water resistant, durable dark brown leather that stretches over the center console of your car. It allows for two strap options; a two buck configuration and a three buck configuration. The belt is also adjustable with a single buckle for proper fit.


The holster on the other hand features an ambidextrous design with an impressive appearance. It is double sided with a plastic plate for quick deployment. The holster can also lock with an iron stud on both sides. With an over-sized opening, it allows easy access to your pistol at the fastening point.

The Blackhawk! SERPA Concealment Rigid Polymer Holster w/ Quick Release Feature


Designed for concealed carry handguns, this slim, padded gun belt comes with a quick-release magazine attachment feature to make sure you have the perfect amount of material to complete your waistband.


This model includes a stretch panel to allow for greater comfort while wearing the gun belt. It also comes with two loops to fasten on a range of things for quick attachment or removal. The Leather Daddy Batman Leather Gun Belt The Batman leather gun belt comes with a unique buckle design.


With a lever-operated quick-release buckle, it’s both comfortable and comfortable to wear. This holster features an adjustable top strap, which makes it easy to find the perfect length and width. The quick-release features make it very convenient to remove a loaded gun without disturbing your clothing.


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